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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 17, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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of the driveway but notices something isn't right. disturbing discovery he made under his minivan. also ahead this morning ready for, more, snow is in your st. patrick's day weekend forecast, how it could impact your plans. cold start, hot finish, the freshman who stepped up to help villanova survive a first half scare in the first game of the ncaa tournament. >> be honest were you freaking out. >> yes, i said wait a minute, this is not how this goes down >> that would ruin everything for brackets. >> i know, it would. >> it was heart pounding, we will have more coming up in a moment. great to have you with us. >> same to you, same to you. he is like 50 shade of green going on here. >> i just could not figure it out. >> happy friday, everybody. march 17th 2017. since it is st. patrick's day we want to you show us your spirit too. share photos, decked out in green, i love this, this little leb can turns two.
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happy birthday, deckland, dad, mom, sophie love you a adorable. look at this kathy happy st. patrick's day. keep sending in photos using # fox 29 good good day. let's start off with the weather. scott williams where is your green. >> turf stand in front of the green screen, so i will key out. maybe we will find something green i can put on during the show. weather by numbers on the scale of one to 10 we will give it a six. yesterday we made ate above freezing. buddy is ready for st. patrick 's day, temperatures 20 's and also 30's. it is cold but not as harsh. twenty-nine in atlantic city. twenty-nine in trenton. nineteen in allentown. we are dry and quiet on ultimate doppler so dry for the day, 36 degrees at lunch. 41 degrees by this afternoon. so we have more melting. coming up, look at the highlighted area. that is our weekend system, set to bring another wintry
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mix, our way, we will have the timing and potential, bob kelly, snowfall totals, yeah. >> what? 6:02. just approved that i do have a green jacket with me but this is what it will look like if i wore it with the green screen here behind me. so i will put it on, and be ready to wear it when we go to st. patrick's day party at marty mcgee's. live look at an accident, blue route southbound right here near broomall route three. the accident is on the off ramp to broomall. just be careful, on and off ramps could be slippery. little bit of the melt down we had yesterday afternoon anything that didn't make it to the drain or ramps that are angled and banked sitting out there in the form of the black ice. we have not made ate above freezing yet this morning. be careful. slippery conditions every where. otherwise 95, schuylkill expressway, looking good at lee at the moment we will slide on up to souderton an accident at main and walnut police are on the scene there.
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wilmington a to down treat faulkland road off wood road. paoli thorndale line running with delays. septa had delays all day yesterday. we will see scattered delays all weather related. so nature so good, getting out of town for weekend at philly international, no problems or delays at all, alex and thomas back over to you. in overbrook philadelphia police are investigating a homicide. >> a man was shot prior to getting run over and dragged by a minivan early this morning. our steve keeley on the scene with the very latest, steve. >> reporter: this guy driving his minivan home from work, if we can get rid of the mixed mine thaws came on, he is 51 years old and coming on down this back alley where he parks his minivan you can see he backed it in now. he is driving. he thinking he is hitting that layer of snow and ice in the middle where grooves are from the cars going back and down allies since the snow and it
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wasn't plowed. he drives a hundred feet and realizes this is american just snow and ice, i'm dragging something. initially thought it was a bag of trash. gets out and he sees it is a young man's body, calls police call comes in as an auto accident because he thinks he somehow hit and killed this guy because the guy, clearly is dead. police get here and they don't have to do much investigating to realize this guy was shot in the head and face and shot more than that. they follow the trail of the blood from where this minivan startd to drag him 100 feet back down the alley and start of the trail of blood where this man was laying in the alley is a bunch of bullet shells where he was shot and killed, sometime before this man hit him just before midnight. they never got any calls from anybody, 911 calls that is of any gunfire. this is a real nice neighborhood. very, very well kept street, on on the other side of this alley and that is the strange thing because in an alley you
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would think bullets would ricochet or at lee echo through the night. so that is the other thing that they do not know b they will be knocking on doors later. they knocked on a few but nobody reported any gunfire, so this man was shot and killed and it wasn't discovered until this four guy five is first years old coming home from work runs over him and drags his body before he realizes he has a murder victim under his minivan. >> do they believe he was shot there in the street or perhaps stumbled, i guess it is still early in the investigation, steve. >> can you hear me steve. >> we will try to get that question answered, coming up later in the newscast. 6:05. new this morning a man is in the hospital right now after being stabbed 13 times overnight in center city. according to police the 37 year-old man got in the fight just after 2:00 this morning at 22nd and market. i is in stable condition. one man was arrested at the
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scene. female witness was taken in for questioning. investigation is underway in the death of the man in elk township. fifty-nine year-old michael fa zio was found dead inside his home on buck road. victim's father said when he found him his son's hand and feet were tied up, and there was a bag over his head, he was underneath a couch. gloucester county prosecutor's office in elk township police are investigating this. so far no motive or suspects. a bucks county boy is still in the hospital this morning after a tragic accident while playing with the family dog. fifty-nine year-old was found unconscious face down in the snow outside his home in warrington on wednesday no one knew what happened, police now believe that the dog grabbed the boy's scoff pulling it tight. the child is under heavy sedation at chop. who handle.
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that was quick. >> yes, that win was not quick one my goodness that first half but we are, on to round number two, villanova taking win over mount st. mary's in this game opener but it wasn't type of perform as you would expect from the defending champions. wildcats giving fans a scare after that shaky first half. >> it looks like mount st. mary was number one seed. jenny joyce at villanova with the heart pounding recap, hi there jenny. >> reporter: i had villanova winning. i think both of you did too and this whole campus happy to see that their team was able to pull off a win last night but at first things looked a little shaky, nova starting off cold missing their first eight shots, mount st. mary's had a seven to nothing lead by the time nova scored their first basket six minutes in the game. number one jaylen brownson helped nova stay close in the first half scoring 10 of his 14 points, donte devincentso
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lead villanova scored 21 points and 13 rebound. that helped the team pull out a win 76-56. a win is a win but coach jay wright was not thrilled with the slow start. >> i really thought after this is our 35th game i didn't think we were capable of that. i thought we were capable of coming out and missing some shots and making mistakes but the level of energy we started game with i didn't think we were capable of. i'm in shock myself. >> it is a big stage my first time being in the tournament but i think my next game our biggest game because it was our next game. my energy went toward my teammates. i was than the focusing on anything on the outside and i think it showed tonight. >> reporter: we want to see that villanova strong impressive play that we know they are capable of the next chance to show it, to us is
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saturday, 2:40 tip off against wisconsin. guys? >> hopefully this next game will be smoother, because now they have that fire going. >> from the very beginning and keep it going. we will check back with you as day goes. 6:09. wrong place, wrong time see aftermath from when a tv crew got too close to a volume kaine i can eruption. missing jewelry investigators may have found it. we're nearly one and a half million-dollar of stolen items may be. devincent so.
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ry missing some jewelry. >> well, these valuables are not for auction, police say 50,000 pieces of valuables were stole men 15 burglaries mostly in montgomery county. investigators say thieves swiped 1.5 million-dollar worth of goods, and prosecutors say that they somehow ended up being bought, sold at several stores on jewelers row right here in center city and we tried to speak with the owner of one of those stores and here's what he had to say. >> reporter: are these allegations true were you selling stolen goods? did you know they were stolen? >> that owner was wasim shesod did not answer any questions. he posted bail and was released. authorities created a web site for people to look and file a claim if they believe they see
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their property on there. we will have a link to that site on our web site at fox 29 .com. 6:12. intense flames, filled the night sky, building under construction burns for hours, overnight, and update on this massive fire, in north carolina. did we find this years cinderella, looking at big upset from day one of the ncaa tournament.
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twenty-eight right now. factor in the wind it feels like 20. we have 33 degrees. 1 degree above freezing in wildwood. upper 20's in trenton. 19 degrees in allentown and mount pocono. as we look at that st. patrick 's day forecast, cold morning, temperatures by noon time 36 degrees, so more melting and not quite as harsh we will be dry, quiet for today but off to the west take a look at this highlighted clipper-like system moving through great lakes, it will approach us by upcoming weekend. we are dry, no problems by afternoon. here's 2:00 o'clock 42 in atlantic city, 41 philadelphia 30's north and west. watch what happens for your saturday morning that clipper moves in the cold air, it
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looks like rain, south jersey and parts of the delaware, wintry mix a long i-95 corridor light snow, north and west, snow will linger toward poconos during the day tomorrow, elsewhere we will switch over to rain and then, saturday night into sunday morning, look at this, cold enough for all snow across parts of the area so how much are we talking for tomorrow? by noon maybe a coating, philadelphia, north and west and maybe inch or so in the poconos, then that second round that moves in sunday morning, we could end up with an inch along i-95 corridor a couple inches north and west. we will talk much more about this march madness in the weather department, bob kelly. after traffic. good morning, everybody. happy st. patrick's day as we get up and out. a lot of unusual patterns, a lot of stuff, eye establish dancers will be all over the philadelphia area performing for everyone, they are coming here to fox 29 later on today, a live look at vine street
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expressway coming out of town heading over toward i-95. watch out for black ice, it is every where on the on and off ramps. we who a couple degrees in the last 10 minutes. on and off ramps we had an hour and a half worth of sunshine yesterday, just a little bit of melt down just enough to refreeze overnight. city on the 42 freeway. otherwise just your normal delays south of i-95 through construction zone. we have report of the black ice up along street road, ramps from street road to route one, be careful there. we had an earlier accident on the blue route ramp to route three. all of the accidents have been on the ramps this morning. crash up here in souderton main street in walnut. i talked about dancers coming to the studio. we will all go to marty magee 's later today, jen fred kicks it off at 7:00 free admission, a free breakfast for everybody that shows up. i will be out there during that 8:00 o'clock up until 10,
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breakfast with bob segment as well, irish food, fun, irish dancers and it is all free starting at 7:00. alex and thomas back to you. >> we love it. see you then, thanks, bob. 6:18. developing story we are following this morning. fire crews battling a massive late night fire in north carolina look at these flames. it started shortly after 10 fully engulfing an apartment building under construction in raleigh-durham. flames spread to nearby trees and utility poles. luckily there were no injuries and cause of this fire is still under investigation. we are getting video showing mt. etna in italy which continues to spew lava in the air on friday. volcano has been hurling molten rock and streamed downtown tourist, journalist and scientist whose scrambled to escape, mt. etna has been very busy over pennsylvania three days here. authorities have restricted access to specific areas on mt. etna following a deadly eruption in 1979.
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6:19. it has been a raging controversy for weeks but more members of the congress say they don't have evidence trump tire was wiretapped. in fact senate intelligence committee agreed, with the house judiciary committee findings earlier this week. >> white house press secretary , says that he isn't backing down, listen to this back and forth. >> so, again, i didn't say that. i think that the president has been very clear when he talked about this and he talked about it last night and talk about wiretapping he meant surveillance. you know, i understand that, jonathan. where was your passion and concern when they all said there was no connection to russia? where was it then. crickets from you guys. >> meanwhile president trump suggested new evidence will be available to congressional investigators. happening right now, u.s. women's hockey players led a deadline to deciding whether to boycott the world championship pennsylvania. they remain in the standoff over wages.
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now, despite this u.s.a. hockey is proceeding according to plan. stars such as hillary knight, and captain megan duncan are leading charge to skip tournament. international ice hockey federation women's world hockey championship begins on march 31st. head of the u.s.a. gymnastics has resigned, amid a growing sex abuse scandal, steve penny, u.s.a. gymnastics have been facing criticism since late last year when abuse allegations first surfaced against team doctor larry. they are suing him claiming years of the sexual abuse. they say penny knew what was going on. u.s.a. gymnastics oversight board believes a change is necessary, to face current challenges in the work on solutions. 6:20. is your bracket busted yet? these teams may be the reason why. look at biggest up fret day one of the tournament.
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good morning i'm sean bell first day of the ncaa tournament is over but was not a good one for the wildcats.
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nova survived and advanced but it didn't look very pretty. nova didn't score in the first five plus minutes of this game , mount st. mary's scored first seven points and eventually nova would get back in track, jalen brownson with the sweet behind the back pass , nova would win 76-56 but it was a performance that surprised jay wright. >> this is our 35th game, i didn't think we were capable of that. i thought we were capable of coming out and, you know, missing some shots. level of the energy we started the game with i didn't think we were capable of that. i'm in shock myself. to the flyers and devils in the third check out this move by taylor hall, crosses up, steve mason, right here, for the goal, flyers would get crushed six-two. conner barwin is going to the l.a. rams. he signed a one year deal. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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thanks, sean, villanova's next opponent will be wisconsin badgers, they beat virginia tech to move to the second round of the match up with nova. that game will be played at 2:40 saturday afternoon. one of the best parts of the march madness is cinderella teams, under dogs who shocked the world with big upsets and we almost had one from our area. >> so close, ivy league champs princeton the 12th seed taking on number five notre dame, irish built an 11-point lead in the second half but princeton battled back and they had a shot to win at the end but it didn't fall. princeton loses by two, 60-58. this were upset number 11 xavier taking on 36 maryland in the west this was a close game, throughout. xavier pulling away in the end , taking down maryland 76- 65. they will play florida state tomorrow. biggest upset of the day though came out of the south bracket number 12 middle tennessee shocks number five minnesota beating them 81-72.
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middleton takes on number four butler tomorrow. 6:25. we have breaking news out of pemberton, new jersey. we will show you sky fox is over a fire there. this is a single family home on the 400 block of cornell avenue. you can see still some smoke coming from the back of that home, meanwhile fire fighters have ladders up and still working from the front and working their way back there. we will keep you updated as we are trying to get more details so we will come back and check in as we get more information.
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disturbing find in overbrook a man backing out of his driveway notices something isn't right, what he found that has police investigating a murder. better late, then never, villanova overcomes an ice cold start to beat mount st. mary's in game one of the ncaa tournament, who stepped up to lead them to the win. winter just doesn' know when to quit, when we could see more snow, and sleet, during the st. patrick's day weekend. more is coming our way, my goodness, we are getting ready for first day of spring. >> couple days away doesn't feel like it. what is up with your man, old man winter, scott williams. >> winter's back we have not one but two chances of snow for upcoming weekend, really both days and both during the morning time frame. lets talk about those headlines. yesterday we made it above freezing, so some melting. more for today in that weekend
6:30 am
wintry mix across the area. 28 degrees currently in philadelphia, it is cold, down south, look at charlotte, 27 degrees. nineteen in pittsburgh. thirty-six in chicago. milder eras we move toward little rock, 51 in springfield , missouri in the lower 50's. twenty-nine in atlantic city. nineteen in the poconos and lehigh valley. twenty's in wilmington and also dover, so a cold start sun and cloud, 36 by lunch, 41 the afternoon high temperature so some more melt ago cross the area for today. take a look at that weekend system, off to the west, for a time it out by tomorrow morning looking out our wintry mix from philadelphia points north and west, rain, south jersey and delaware and then scattered showers, on and off throughout the day tomorrow, and that mix will linger north and west, and then everyone, changes over to snow, saturday night, into sunday morning time frame, bob kelly, so that weekend forecast you can see high temperatures topping out in the low to mid 40's with
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that wintry mix, both mornings seven day forecast is showing chilly conditions over the next several days and then back to 50 as we kick off the first official start to spring >> it sound like good snug gling weather for saturday and sunday morning sleeping in late. 6:31. accident here for you, little late this morning, southbound i-95, right at girard avenue, approaching girard avenue, police are not even on the scene. see what is happening here, folks jammed up from the betsy ross bridge, to the left and right and we need police coming up in that traffic delay behind them there. live look at the freeway coming from new jersey, again, starting to see pockets of volume on a friday morning. everything is iced over, we are below freezing. even though we had sunshine, just enough to melt some snow or ice but that quickly we did a refreeze overnight. so we have had an accident all morning long on a lot of the on and off ramps, fire
6:32 am
location we just showed you a few moments from sky fox in pemberton, cornell avenue at university with some local detours, iced up ramps street road from route one in bucks county and in souderton a main street and walnut the scene of an accident. crews have been clearing the snow piles, mound of the snow at turnpike interchanges overnight and so some of that clearing with the construction vehicles could lead to some icy road so be careful there down tree in factland road and wood road and no problems on mass transit. alex and thomas back over to he back on this breaking news in pemberton, new jersey where sky fox has been live over a fire. this is home. there is still some smoke not much light nothing this seee investigation begins that smoke. you can see flames on the top of the roof. thinks still an active scene
6:33 am
as fire fighters try to get this fire under control. >> but for exactly where this home is this is 400 block of cornell avenue, but yes, thomas, you are right, you cannot see it from the top but if you look closely you can see some flames in there that they are still trying to get a hold of and they have lat ladders going up to the house because it seems to be at the top of the home. we will keep checking on this and give you more updates as they continue to work on this fire. 6:33. a man is dead this morning, after police say that he was shot and then accidentally run over by a minivan. >> police are investigating it as a homicide. steve keeley is on the scene with the very latest this morning, steve? >> reporter: you can see one of the man's neighbors in that jeep cherokee, they used this alley way as a street with parking. you can see they parallel parked alongside the house and then this 51 year-old owner of thiskeep his minivan and now abg alley he middle and you
6:34 am
is driving down there just hit being clumps of snow and ice but he stopped as you can see in our video next to the jeep cherokee also down there and realizes he is dragging something. gets out, looks, and sees a person. he calls police, 911, the cops come, so do the emt's and then the medics and the emt unit realize, that not only is this person dead, that he had under his van, but he had been shot and killed. so the police here follow the trail of blood and then they see sitting in the ice and snow, several bullet shells from where this man was likely shot and killed and then just ag to come home and you sleep after thadence, he wio look under there again, to see , if he has to clean up
6:35 am
that car or maybe get somebody else to do that tough job, for him. a very tough night here in the overbrook section, and nobody heard any of the gunshots apparently, and that anybody reported that they heard any gunfire. police didn't even know, at least initially what time this man may have been shot and killed. they only found out about this murder because this man came across the body and run over him just before midnight, thomas and alex. >> horrible find. steve, thank you. a man is in the hospital right now after being stabbed 13 times overnight in center city. it was reported to police the 37 year-old man got in the fight, just after 2:00 this morning, after on the 22nd block of market, and, in stable condition, and he was arrested at the scene, and he was taken in for questioning.
6:36 am
another child has died, in pennsylvania from a fire caused by a exploding hoverboard. officials say savanna dominic, died at a harrisburg hospital and severe burns, and, three-year old, and, and,. >> and, make and models, is one of those recalled, and they say people should not charge hoverboard's overnight or in unseen areas. and, operators in west philadelphia, and police need your help, and police released this surveillance video of the man they say held up owner of the food trucks on monday night at gunpoint, and first happened on forty-fifth and walnut. second on 34th and lancaster. investigators say same man is behind both robberies, police say thief stole a total of $1,500 in cash. a local middle schoolteacher is face ago salt charges. police in linwood, new jersey say kimberly pesci a teacher at bell haven middle school pulled the student's chair
6:37 am
backward and that student hit his head on the floor and police say this took place back in february, school officials called the authorities the day after the alleged assault, and, police arrested her. time right now 6:37. >> defense. defense. >> that was quick. >> ahh, the wildcats win. it was a nail biter, villanova steam rolling mount st. mary in the game opener that came after a rocky first half for defending champs. >> jenny joyce at villanova with the recap we are breathing a sigh of relief this morning, jenny. >> reporter: yes, we are, alex there is a lot of pressure on these players, as they have a tough schedule here in the ncaa tournament, however, people here at villanova can wake up happy winning its first game of the tournament, at first, they looked shaky.
6:38 am
nova started off cold missing their first eight shots, mount st. mary's had a seven to nothing lead. by the time nova scored their first basket six minutes in the game, number one jalen brownson helped nova stay close in the first half scoring 10 of the first half points, donte divincenzo led villanova in the second half, he scored, 21 points and had 13 rebound. it helped the team pull out a win, 76-56. a win is a win, this was in the the kind of win that villanova wants to see. coach wright and his players are giving credit to mount st. mary's saying they played hard , and started the game, stronger then the wildcats. >> we knew going in to the game that they had the ability to, you know, play the way that they did and you know, i mean they came out just shooting the ball, sharing the ball and playing with great energy and i mean we have to give them credit and we just have to come out and play harder.
6:39 am
>> forty-eight hours from now you will be playing again. if you play like did you in the first half tonight can you survive that. >> no. no. >> i think they know that. that is still not an excuse for not coming to play. but again it is on all of us. it is on our leadership, me, that is part of it. we are lucky to advance. we're lucky. i think that we will put it behind us and i think we will get ready. >> reporter: get ready for that next game saturday afternoon, tip off at 2:40, villanova will play wisconsin. of course, we will all be watching this weekend, alex and thomas. >> i think everyone is still sleeping this morning after celebrate ago this win last night, jenny, thank you. >> reporter: i think so too. >> thanks, jenny. i said this, when jenny was talking but it seems like every time we go to villanova and they are doing well. last year ryan arcidiacono. >> yes. >> this time, it is divincenzo
6:40 am
>> donte divincenzo, did i say that right. >> you did. >> he had a huge game but he had a few embarrassing moments that happened. he missed not one but two open wide dunks. you have to hear what comment taiters have to say about this >> oh, my gosh. >> this time no dunk attempt. >> he is going to get teased. >> divincenzo. >> upstairs. >> they were like he will get teased for that one. >> he can have a come back, wow say look, i handled this game. >> he got off that bench, that freshman there and had energy that they needed. he will give him a pass. >> he is a freshman and sometimes when freshman are on the team they get a hard time. >> this morning they are like you did good, did you good, donte d is his friend call him >> donte d instead of
6:41 am
divincenzo. >> that second greater gets a, surprise of his life and guess what, lets just say he play is it cool.
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everyone has the spirit, matty young said they brought in leprechaun traps. we hope to find signs of the little guy. >> how cute. >> jen says happy st. patrick 's day to the good day team, from lucy goose, i love that bow. >> beautiful. >> yes, hi there, lucy. >> bow tie. >> good morning to you. >> what do they say get a pinch of green. >> yes, one of our editors bill, i walked up, and wearing green i might to have pinch you. i never heard of that. >> yes. >> just saying that so i wouldn't pinch him. >> and then they say i'm wearing green, my socks are green or as bob would say, my underies are green. >> i have green underwear on, yes, i i have my cuff links on , shamrock cuff links. we will show them to you later
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everybody will be wearing green today when we have st. patrick's day party, we will go to marty magee in prospect park at 7:00, jen fred will be their life all morning long, i will join party at 8:30 doing breakfast with bob segment there. free admission and free breakfast for everybody. family friendly place. bring the kid. we will have irish music, irish dancers there, we will see you later this morning at marty magee. we will go outside live to a i-95, heading out front door in northeast philadelphia, southbound accident at girard, moved off to the shoulder, so traffic starting to move again as we open up spigot but just watch for black ice, and then that little bit of a sunshine break we had yesterday, maybe melted a little bit but that quickly, we had to refreeze overnight. live look at ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia, fire location in pemberton with local detour is a long cornell avenue at university. some delays on the first couple trains on the paoli and
6:46 am
chestnut hilly regional rail line and then septa is running with delays sporadically, watch the platform, steps to and from the train stations and bus steps, everything is iced over. we are dealing with what 28 degrees. it is cold. ice ramps we have had half dozen accidents all on ramps so far this morning. street road ramp to route one, watch for a crash, in souderton and main and walnut, watch for an accident, heading to the airport, we are looking good with no delays there. scottie's got forecast for the weekend in 152nd. another chilly start but we are making some gains, improvement, temperatures yesterday topped out at 39 degrees, we will make it in the lower 40's. it is a cold start,
6:47 am
nonetheless, 28 currently in philadelphia. feels like 20 factoring in that wind. 22 degrees in millville. twenty-nine in trenton. we have 25 degrees currently in pottstown that st. patrick 's day forecast not as harsh, 41 center city. forty-two down the shore. upper 30's in the lehigh valley. we are dry, quiet right new but look at this moisture around the great lakes, that is how our weekend system that will develop a clip their will move through and then intensify so we have snowfall chances saturday morning and then gannon your sunday morning as that system strengthens out to sea. so as we go ahead tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. looking at a wintry mix around i-95, points north and west, green is all rain south injuries any to delaware, scattered showers, throughout the day on your saturday and that wintry mix will linger toward lehigh valley and also the poconos, and then everybody changes over to some snow as we move toward your sunday morning
6:48 am
time frame. we will talk about this system coming up, guys, back to you. >> thanks, scott. major surprise for a classroom of second graders in montgomery county. >> students were told they would have a mystery reader but karen hepp they didn't expect this story time reunion , did they. >> i really love this one. so heartfelt. dad comes back after four months overseas and his little boy so cute so well behaved and at first he doesn't even believe it, lets take a look. >> hey, buddy. come here. you can say hi. look at you staying in your chair, doing exactly what you are supposed to. >> that hug says it all seven year-old owen and his dad a u.s. air force major john sill ot i he just got back from duty in kuwait and surprised his son in arrow head elementary school in methacton today and kid got to hear about his experience. he is a pilot.
6:49 am
he flies a c130. >> listen. >> our air drop anything under 40,000-pound. it is huge. that can ab lieutenant of weight. that we can attach parachutes too and open up ramp and door and we have a button that you push and thing rolls out and parachutes down. 40,000-pound is a lot of stuff >> tanks, food. >> major happens to be a methacton grad, students were dressed, all in the blue, red, red, white and blue because it was patriots day as well. another reason it is so emotional, it was also his last day at that school because he has been staying with his grandparents. his dad grew up there in collegeville and so he was with them during the dad's deployment and now he will go back home with his dad to montana. >> great to have dad back home i'm sure trying to play it cool for his friends. >> such a well behaved child
6:50 am
and overwhelmed like not believing. you can see his face turn red and so excited didn't want to jump up and scream kind of kid oh, it is really happening. >> either way a big hug and good to see, thanks, karen. can it get easier? netflix says it can, change they are making to the way you rate movies on line. my girlfriend loves artists. to be unique... and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists!
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whoo! i mean, whoo. we will check back with pemberton new jersey a break ing news, fire in the single family home. we are told this fire is now under control. you can still see some flames under the roof there. the fire broke out earlier this morning, and you can see there is still some fire fighters there on the scene, again, just that little corner there that looks like a walk up to the house to take care of it. >> certainly not speculating but we see fire fighters standing, walking around they have a plan letting fire perhaps burn itself out in a certain section but once again they say fire under control not too concerned about that small flame so what their plan is we don't know at this hour but obviously, handling the situation here at 6:54 at pemberton township, new jersey >> next question we want to ask you. >> yes. >> thumbs up or thumbs down. >> that is how you'll soon be
6:54 am
able to rang your next netflix movie. you have ratings. >> um-hmm. >> now it is up or down. >> they revealed this new system at a press briefing. they say they found users prefer thumbs up or thumbs down ratings as opposed to the five stars. in fact, users volunteered 200 n faced with a simple up or down choice. does it come down where it is just too complicate todd decide, five stars or one star >> i don't rate anything, do you. >> i don't either. >> to do surveys and take a survey, do you mind hangin on a phone, i'm like no. >> no. >> sometimes i do it for doctor mike once and they sent out survey and it was for a car dealership but rate and give your feedback. >> the fact that it makes that big difference. thumbs um, thumbs down one click, it is just easier. >> kind of like facebook, like >> so true.
6:55 am
>> so guys, writing in netflix i do this all the time because it will make suggestions based on what you rate. if you rate a certain movie at five stars then it will make suggestions for what to watch next based on that rating. that is why i find it helpful. >> i don't even look at the suggestion though. >> no. >> we suggest this movie, it never add up. >> so thomas, he knows what he wants. >> you could be watching star wars and we also recommend bridges of madison county i'm one of those people i will go through netflix, scrolling, this, this, no this. do i want to watch that. i don't know. i go through over and over. >> it is a whole experience just looking for a movie, sometimes, 35 minutes later, it is like can you just decide on something. >> thanks, we will start rating and see if they can find out what i like. >> it works for you, ryan. he said it works. >> i thought maybe it based it off of what you actually watch i didn't know you had to rate to it make that combination. you watched this, so now, do
6:56 am
this. rotten tomatoes, yelp, all that. >> do you look at the ratings, though. >> sometimes. >> because then. >> i often find when someone said you have to see this, you have to see that. it is over hyped. then you go and you are like it wasn't all it is cracked up to be. >> it is hard to impress thomas. >> it is not hard, it just doesn't take much. sometimes it doesn't live up to the hype i'm wand fairing something is fake. did someone really write this. it is too specific. i don't know. it is movie diehard disney fans have been waiting for but does beauty and the beast live up to the hype? we will ask kevin mccarthey, he reviews this. we have a villanova win, jenny. >> reporter: good morning alex and thomas. ville know of got their first win of the tournament, they will advance to the second round, they have a big game coming up on saturday, we will talk about it next.
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